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Hello friends and fellow surfers! I am known as Kevin Cavey, an Author, Amateur Cosmologist and a the person who introduced surfing to Ireland by forming the first surf club on the island. It was in 1963 that I discovered the potential for surfing when looking through readers digest and therefore vowed to make it happen. Now having over 50 years surfing under my belt, I have become known as the Grandfather of Irish Surfing.

Being by now an Irish Surfing Historian I am pleased to do presentations to schools, colleges or intereted groups.

As a futher endevour I am the author of a cosmology and religious book which I hope, takes a lot of the mystery out of life and puts it into more reasonable perspective. It is both 'The Theory of 'Trinitivity', (finding the Trinity in everything at every magnitude) and an adventure novel that illustrates the oneness of heaven and earth. In other words it gives a 'God's eye view' of the world and also most importantly places femininity at the heart of the Trinity. Now if you are even a little interested, just hang loose, break from the mold and come on this wonderous metaphysical surfing safari!

There are 3 books, only two of which are currently in print however their are plans to reprint the older book once it has been updated with relevant information. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HOW GREEN WAS THEIR WAVE, a perfect gift book for a Birthday, ideal for a surfer. Purchase from, The Great Outdoors, Chatham St.D2,The Winding Stair, D1, Lahinch Surf Shop and Lahinch Book Shop.
THE REPUBLIC OF PARADISE, Purchase from www.trafford.com, The Winding Stair,D1

For info on the  KILLINEY BAY SURF CLUB, or  SURFING LESSONS from Ireland's first surfer or SURF HISTORY PRESENTATIONS call 086 1725540 or 01 2856137


How Green was their Wave, Irish Surf History Book by Kevin CaveyThis is the story of the Dawn of Surfing in Ireland......

How Green was their Wave, Irish Surf History Book by Kevin CaveyLarry Coughlin is one of a team who join a manned.......

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How Green was their Wave, Irish Surf History Book by Kevin CaveyImagine travelling beyond the bounds of space........